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I was kindly asked by Wex Photographic to write a blog on my recent entry of their weekly photographic competition on Twitter, entitled #Wexmondays. It is open to all, and submissions are open untill 12pm on the Monday. The image has to be taken during the past 7 days (they do check the EXIF). Each…

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I was approached by the web design service of Miller Town & Country if they could use my image of the River Dart at Hembury for their website and e-brochure along with Alex Nail and Adrian Oakes. We negotiated usage terms and hopefully they may well use me in the future for additional images.…

Order Phentermine Online Overnight Delivery

I’m pleased to announce that in this month’s Landscape Photography Magazine (Issue 49) I am the issue’s featured artist. I submitted 10 images (most of which are from Dartmoor) about 12 months ago (that is a lot of time in photography for me) and my images were accepted but of course there were many…