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I thought I’d write a quick blog on a recent trip, to try and capture an Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights), from Dartmoor, as I have had a few questions about apps and camera settings. After installing a great little Android app when I was in Iceland this year (Aurora Alert) I often get periodic alerts…

Ordering Phentermine Online

I decided to enter this year with my image from Latrigg, Cumbria that I took in 2014 on a photography trip with my good friend Neil Porter. The crepuscular rays were fantastic that morning and as luck would have it my pano stitched well.   I just got the results and although I did not…

Online Us Pharmacy Phentermine

I had been planning to go storm chasing for my 40th birthday with my wife for a while and booked a tour with run by over a year ago. A fellow photographer, John Finney, had been with this company twice and highly recommended them and gave me a few useful tips before i…

Buy Phentermine 375 Cheap

I was kindly asked by Wex Photographic to write a blog on my recent entry of their weekly photographic competition on Twitter, entitled #Wexmondays. It is open to all, and submissions are open untill 12pm on the Monday. The image has to be taken during the past 7 days (they do check the EXIF). Each…

Phentermine Buy In Uk

As I had decided to shoot a 360 panorama I also thought that it would be nice to put it on my website as a scrollable panorama rather than just display the image which doesn’t really do it justice. So here it is! If you click on the preview image a popup will load…