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After talking to a photography friend of mine, Andrew Yu, about his Metabones Mk III and the issues he and many other photographers have had with aberrant internal reflections with the poorly flocked EF-E adapter the newer MK IV version was supposed to be an improvement. I got the IV second hand off another photographer…

Ordering Phentermine Online

I’ve had my Metabones IV for my Sony A6000 for a couple of months now and they do update the firmware quite a lot. The following is the summary of the latest Firmware (V0.40) including the the side button control. Name: Firmware update V0.40 for EF-E Smart AdapterTM MARK IV Release date: 3 Feb 2015…

Can You Buy Phentermine In Australia

I’ve recently been thinking about taking a good quality CSC to work with me as sometimes you see something lovely but haven’t got a camera apart from your phone. I had been looking around at various models and decided upon the Sony A systems. They seem great value for money and the A6000 (I’m going…

Order Phentermine Overseas

I revisited Bench Tor a few weeks ago, a few days before my birthday in fact, to catch the sunrise. This is one of my favourite tors. I’m not sure exactly why, given there are so many other tors to visit, but there is so much to view around; the Dart Valley below, Sharp Tor,…