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Anyone that knows me knows I love landscape photography. Getting out with the camera, whether on my own, or with friends, is great especially when the conditions are jaw dropping. But also, after many many shots, many many trips out and away, staying in with a good film, Mrs Fox​ for company and maybe a…

Ordering Phentermine Online

I was kindly asked by Wex Photographic to write a blog on my recent entry of their weekly photographic competition on Twitter, entitled #Wexmondays. It is open to all, and submissions are open untill 12pm on the Monday. The image has to be taken during the past 7 days (they do check the EXIF). Each…

Buy Phentermine And B12

‘ve been thinking about writing an article on what I think drove me, and perhaps others, into landscape photography. If someone had said 3 years ago that I was going to get up at 3am to shoot the sun rising, after a long drive, to a remote location, taking 30 mins to walk there in…