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I was invited to speak at the Newton Abbot Photographic Club recently to talk about my landscape photography. The first half was talking about how I got into landscape photography, almost 3 years ago to the day, when I first bought my Canon 5DII. I explained how I progressed onto shooting without filters and then…

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Brief: Submit a range of images suitable for Dartmoor Magazines readership for the front cover and contents page. Produce a small 500 word summery about Richard Fox Photography and submit a range of portfolio images for the piece. Client: Sue Viccars – Facebook:   About Client: First published in 1985, Dartmoor Magazine is…

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Brief: Produce affordable fine art archival prints for sale Select appropriate ‘mood’ landscapes representing central and west Dartmoor Get images printed on crystal archive paper, custom mounts prepared and backs and sealed Client: Joss @ Powdermills Pottery, Dartmoor – Facebook:   About Client: Powdermills is the home and workplace of potter, Joss Hibbs.…

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Brief: Submit 10 high quality, high resolution images to represent my landscape photography work for the ‘Featured Artist’ section Participate in a short Q & A session to go along with the article Client: Landscape Photogrpahy Magazine – Dimitri Vasileiou – Editor About Client: A landscape photography digital magazine founded in 2011. Published every…

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┬áBrief: 2 day shoot at the Finlake Center for eliteVelo team launch Obtain portrait shots, sponsor orientated shots, casual shots, iconic Dartmoor riding shots and gym shots Process images for open usage and supply DVD Process images for immediate publication on the team website and social media Help in promoting eliteVelo Kalas CRT using social…