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  1. Ian Millard

    Hi Richard. Can you please tell which firmware your WS1001 console is running as you seem to have more options on than I have on the Setup screen. I am having difficulty in communicating between my Pi and the console. Many thanks, Ian

  2. J.R.

    I’m trying to execute a similar setup to feed my station to cwop. Though I’m having a hard time getting the ws-1001 console to forward data to my Pi with weewx installed. On your server settings, I know you add the IP address of the pi, but what station ID and password does the pi require? The pi user and login password? The wunderground credentials? Or something else?


    • Richard Fox

      Hiya – The only thing I changed was the IP address of the Pi – the login details I left as the weather underground login name, web domain and password. But I changed the type of site code to PHP. I did not change anything on the Pi but you have to install a listening script on the Pi (as in my blog) with Weewx. Unless oyu have any issues with soft or hard firewalls on your P or LAN? my Pi is wired into the LAN.

  3. Colin Tuck

    Can you get spares for this item, mine has stopped transmitting, the WI-FI aerial appears suspect in the outside unit?

    • Richard Fox

      Are you sure it’s not the rechargeable batteries or failing to recharge? No I dint know where to get spares from sorry.

  4. janipewter

    Thanks for this post, the information is really useful. Under normal conditions, the outdoor sensor is powered by a solar panel which charges a large capacitor. In darkness, the capacitor powers the sensor. The batteries are only used if the capacitor discharges fully before sunlight hits the solar panel again, which in the UK should not be often as we have reliable daylight hours even during the winter. Regardless, I decided to mains power mine since it will not be easy to change the batteries due to the location of the sensor. The solar panel does not charge the batteries.

    I did a lot of testing indoors with the station before putting into service outside. I too am running weewx on a Linux server at home, but I’ve done things a little differently to you. Instead of setting the console to report to the weewx server, I found a WiFi driver for weewx which allows the server to read the console over WiFi instead. The console is set to report directly to WU every minute, and my server reads the data from the console every 16 seconds (the same interval that the sensor transmits the data to the console). The advantage of this is that even if the Linux server is off, the console will still report to WU. I also have the cumulus realtime output and the weather34 display being served by Apache on the Linux server.

    • Richard Fox

      Ahh thanks for the Info on the capacitor – that would make sense as the batteries on mine sometimes drop out and I think are getting a bit old! I will look into your suggestion as that would be great to do.

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